Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sordid Lives Party

2004 Sordid Lives New Years Party. Found this as I was going through pic files. Sordid Lives is a movie about some Texas folks, and it is worth a looksee if you haven't rented it. We all dressed like characters from the movie for the party.

Tom and Cathy (upper left in orange tee-shirts) came as Jaunita (click on the picture to enlarge it). Like the skilled barfly Juanita is, they are putting on lipstick without removing their cigarettes. I'm in the bottom right dressed as Delta Burke's character, Noleta Nethercott. Joe, next to me is dressed as Noletta's best friend, Latrelle (Paula and Linda's better looking female versions are above). And by the way, if it isn't already painfully obvious, I'm no drag queen. No self-respecting drag queen I know would be caught dead looking like this.

John is in the middle of the bottom row. I was a little hurt that he put another man in drag between us for the picture. I think he thought I may have over-committed to the costume (especially later that night when the wig would come off, but unfortunately the make-up wouldn't. I looked like Truman Capote's twin sister). Note the "wooden leg" above John's head. The film revolves around the funeral of Latrelle's sister who dies when she trips over Noleta's husband's prosthetic leg.

Thanks must go to John's mom who actually went shopping with me to get me looking this good (Don't blame her. An artist is only as good as her materials). She even loaned me her prom queen tiarra, ear rings, and the fabulous fur. She also did my make up for me. How many guys can say the same about their mother-in-laws? My mom called while I was in the make-up chair. She sounded a little worried, but I reminded her that dad dressed like a Marilyn Monroe look alike in a black negligee' with rhinestone spaghetti straps for a Jaycees party when I was a kid. I told her she might be better served worrying about her own home fires, cause dad looked pretty smooth that night.


Blogger closetliberalintx said...

Come on!!! How can you have this party without Brother Boy? Where was my invite? This may take some time to get over. Deep wounds Troy, deep wounds.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Troy said...

I tried very hard to get your brother to go as Brother Boy, but he chose a more minimalist costume. He went as Ty (he put a tag that said "slim-fit" over another tag that said "husky" on his jeans).

I would have LOVED for you to have been Brother Boy. You're a little tall, but I think you would make a great Tammy Wynette. We'll have to have another party so you can have your chance to shine.

5:32 AM  

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