Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Back Home Again in Indiana

Finally made it back from Boston. Flew in late last night. I have never been so glad to be home in my life.

It was such a busy week I never found time to write an entry. And today's won't be anything special. I am taking the day off to be in my pajamas and to sit in front of Sam the Woodstove (it's snowing out). I'm so exhausted that I'm actually choosing not to attend the anti-marriage amendment rally, which happens today at the Indiana statehouse. But I will report on it soon.

For now, all I can say is how grateful I am--for a safe trip, for being able to see John at the airport when I got back, for that bag of breadsticks he brought with him, and for a clean kitchen and for clean sheets on a bed that was in our own house.

Now it's nap time.


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