Thursday, June 30, 2005

Billy Graham Rocks the Country with Little Effort

Billy Graham refuses to rollover for the religious right and it has their heads spinning. This article at the Conservative Voice is amazing. Graham didn't endorse anything or anybody, but just being a registered democrat and within five feet of Bill Clinton was enough to freak some people out and lead them to believe he is picking up Judas's bag of silver and heading up Hillary's campaign for the presidency.

I love how one appearance in public with Clinton for these folks can undo 60 years of integrity, while the shady dealings and hateful speech of people like Falwell, Lahaye, Jims Baker and Swaggert don't matter as long as they are towing the party line.

Even if Graham does privately hold radical positions like "segregation is bad" and "democrats are not the antichrist", I wonder if it ever occured to people that 60 years of studying the Bible might have something to do with his ability to interpret it in a way that is more holistic than the piecemeal-verse-plucking methodology a lot of Christians use.


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Well said.

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