Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Push-me, Poll-me

I'm glad to see that Arkansas is waking up to just how stupid the RNC thinks its voter population is. And they are sharing the information with a conservative sister state--Indiana. This is from Indiana's Decatur Daily Democrat. And given the 45,000 person jump in Indiana's voter registationit looks like others might be getting the message as well.

While Gene Lyons may be appealing to the better part of Arkansas' nature by saying that bigoted campaigning doesn't play well there, I wouldn't be so sure he is correct. It works in places like South Carolina. Just ask push poll victim John McCain.

Perhaps Karl Rove was just giving McCain more time to groom himself for the Oval Office. Funny how McCain, who lost the Rupublican nomination to Bush back in 2000 has come up in more than one conversation I've had as a good candidate for future president.


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