Monday, January 03, 2005

Bad Moon Rising

Here is a story from Bush's first term from Bill Berkowitz and Atlernet that I missed. Does anyone else think this is odd besides me? When I was growing up, First Baptist Church in Batesville spent quite a few Sunday evenings telling us how scary Sun Myung Moon was. Now the cult-like leader is heading up National Prayer Breakfasts and rubbing elbows with Bush, Ashcroft, and Jerry Falwell? Say What? And how did this not cross my radar screen sooner? Below is a piece of the article, but you should read the whole thing. It is very bizarre.

"...Despite being a rhetorically-charged and lively interdenominational event, some leaders from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) backpedaled quickly after learning that the Inaugural Prayer Luncheon for Unity and Renewal was sponsored by the Rev. Moon-run Washington Times Foundation. In a January 23 report from Baptist Press, some SBC officials claimed they knew nothing about Moon's imprint on the event. "We knew that it was going to be an interdenominational event, but we had no idea that the luncheon was hosted by the Moonies," said Merritt, pastor of an Atlanta-area church. This despite the fact that for years Moon has been lending a helping hand to several financially challenged Religious Right organizations; not long ago, he gave a large donation to help shore up the Rev. Jerry Falwell's financially troubled Liberty University..."

Hmmmmm.....If Falwell had to go to Moon for money, he must be really hard-up. I predict we'll hear a lot more from Falwell soon as he obviously needs to start pimping his political hate-mongers again to keep the cash flow going. No wonder he's trying to revive that venomous relic from the 1980s, the Moral Majority. Note the goals stated for the new MM in the Biblical Recorder's site blurb about it. But if God and the traditional religious right fail to show up with the goods, he at least knows Moon will be there for him.


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