Monday, January 24, 2005

My Christmas Present

This year John got me a radio station for Christmas. No kidding. It is an FM station on the lower end of the dial, 88.3. Don't bother trying to tune in unless you are within about a block radius of our house. If we try to increase the range much more than that the FCC tends to take an interest in what we are doing, and who wants that?

I have not decided upon call letters yet, but given our diminuative range I'm leaning towards WHCW (Holy Cross/Westminster is the name of our neighborhood). We still have to work out a few kinks, like a better antennae and a decent microphone, but we are on the air. I won't let our neighbors know about it until I firm up our programming schedule.

I'm planning to gear programming to neighborhood interests for obvious reasons. Here are some ideas I've had so far:

Daily School Lunch Menu report

Growing up in Batesville my family listened every morning to Duffie Bryant's* Roving Fisherman's Report, broadcast live from Bryant and Sons Lumber Company. The show would begin with the song "Gone Fishin'." Then Duffie would update Batesville on things like weather, fishing conditions (obviously), and ways to barbecue a raccoon, but the thing I waited to hear each day was the school lunch menu report. One by one Duffie would read off the lunch menus for each school in the area--from Calico Rock to Oil Trough. The report was timed to come on so that if necessary you would have enough time to pack your lunch before the bus arrived. I remember feeling jealous of some schools because of what they would be having that day. And it seemed like Pleasant Plains always got to have hamburgers at least twice a week. Anyway, surely local kids would still appreciate such information.

Local Construction Report

We have a lot of new houses being built or renovated in our area. It can be hard to keep up, so I thought I might provide weekly updates on what has happened that week in the realm of local real estate.

Weekly Bedtime Story

Wouldn't it be fun to read to kids before bedtime without having to hear them say "one more?" That's the beauty of radio! I think parents would appreciate that, too. This would be a fun guest spot opportunity. So if you visit me, don't be surprised if you I ask you to be a guest reader.

Gospel Lighthouse Jubilee, Pastor Butch Haskell's Country Gospel and Bluegrass Show

Another potential guest op. for you all. The pastor at Gospel Lighthouse Church blends his special messages with music made for skippin' down streets of gold.

These are the starters, and I'm open for suggestions. By the way, special thanks go to my friend Kris W., part of the Minneapolis-based dynamic husband and wife tech. duo who turned John on to the idea of getting me a radio station for Christmas. You and Scott can be Pastor Butch's first guests when you come down for the Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival this year.


Blogger JEB said...

This is so neat! I'm really going to come visit now so I can hear it with my very own ears! Keep us posted on your progress.

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