Thursday, March 24, 2005

My Friend Jennie-- Lincoln Lover

For those who have never checked out Jennie at trimandfashionable, one of my "Go To People", allow me to give you a great gift (see below). Jennie is one the Batesville clan (it has been referred to as a cult by some) I grew up with. In fact, I remember the day she and her twin sister Julie were born--I remind them of this whenever I get the chance. They were the sweetest kids and they are even more impressive adults (eyes misting as I type).

Anyway, Jennie has always loved Abraham Lincoln, I mean she REALLY loves him. She has hosted a famous Lincoln's Birthday Party for years. It was written up in an Arkansas newspaper and I'd lost my copy of the article. Fortunately, she reprinted it as part of this year's Lincoln celebration. The story is such a testament to why I love my Batesville friends, though I truly believe I would love them even if they were not so darn entertaining.

If you love America, you have to read the article. Click here.

In the story you read about several Batesville stars--Georgette, our very theatrical friend and her wonderfully supportive mother, Georgeanne. Jennie's sister Lori, an Arkansas taste-maker and friend supreme. And McClain mom and dad, Practical Pat and Dr. McClain--always a joy.

John and I will travel to Arkansas next year for the celebration.


Blogger JEB said...

I feel so honored!
I am SO going to hold you to your commitment in the last sentence.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Troy said...

Seriously, we're there. The sooner we know the date the better though. I'm blocking out the week before and after President's day so I don't book business travel then.

Oh, and weren't you nice not to point out that I'd spelled your name wrong fifty times in the original post? I didn't even notice it until I was proof-reading and saw Julie's name and then remembered that you also have an "ie" at the end.

I'm so glad I caught that before your dad did. He keeps an eye on my spelling and grammar.

2:06 PM  

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