Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mondo Elephant Ears

This is John's mom, Linda, next to one of her and Jim's ENORMOUS Elephant Ear plants. John and I grow them, too. In fact Linda says we gave them this bulb, but it is with no small pain that I admit that ours are not nearly this big.

I love Elephant Ears. My grandmother grew them in groves, like she did everything, and I loved the sound they made when she watered them.

Fun fact: These Elephant Ears are actually called Taro, and their bulbs, which you have to dig up each fall where we live, are what people in Hawaii use to make poi. There is another plant called Alocasia, which I think is the true Elephant Ear, but I'm not sure.

Friends in Arkansas and Texas, Elephant Ears do really well in your area. If you want any starts off of ours, let me know.


Anonymous jennie said...

John's mom is so cute! (I know, so is John.)

1:37 PM  

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