Monday, December 12, 2005

Leelee and Brad at Dollywood

Leelee and Brad
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Those who know me, know I love Dolly Parton. When our friends Brad and Leelee found out about my love for her, they offered to go with us to Pigeon Forge, TN, home of Dollywood.

We spent all of Saturday in the park. John, Leelee and Brad treated it like it was my birthday. They said we could do anything I wanted while we were there. I sho 'nuff took 'em up on that offer.

We rode one roller coaster three times in a row, at least Brad and I did. John doesn't go in much for rides. We all rode the bumper cars though, which was a blast. I don't know what it is about ramming a small car into complete strangers that makes me smile. John even voluntarily rode an airplane ride that swung around 75 feet in the air!

We toured a replica of the cabin where Dolly and her 12 brothers and sisters were raised (two rooms). Leelee and I spent about 2 hours in Dolly's museum. Brad and John took naps on a bench.

That woman really is amazing. Only Dolly could name a themepark after herself, keep it packed full of people and still come off looking humble. Can you imagine Six Flags over Oprah? Not likely, though I'd probably go there, too.

Bear Hug
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While were in Tennessee we stayed in a little cabin that clung to the side of a cliff. The owners call it Bear Hug. It was a great place to get back to after our days spent touring and shopping the outlets. We roasted hot dogs and smores in the fireplace and hung out in the hot tub, which was outside. The air was about 27 degrees, but it still felt good in the tub. John and I couldn't get that Will Farrell and Rachel Dretch SNL skit where they play the Professors Roger and Virginia Clauven hot tubbing with Professor Barbara Hernandez (Drew Barrymore) at the Welshley Arms Hotel out of our mind.


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