Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Could the provisional votes in Ohio pull this off? I hope so. It would be such a testament to our country's democratic process if people who almost didn't get to vote were the deciding factor.

Even if Kerry does not win, and even if all those young folk didn't turn out to vote like we thought, a LOT of new people did. And they were people who waited in line for hours, people who took the trouble to vote early in many cases, people who had not been registered in years. I want to honor the number of people who turned out to vote their conscience, whether or not they voted for Kerry.

Don't mistake this entry for a concession or even an "I'm okay if Bush wins" speech (I'm so not). But the American voters, again those who actually took the trouble to vote, should be celebrated.

It ain't over yet.


Blogger closetliberalintx said...

I can't believe it is over. Today has been miserable, as will be the next four years with more poor and unresponsible leadership. I need some guidance as to how to make it through living in the heart of closed mindedned America in Texas. Please help. Please. Seriously. How cold is it in Canada right now?

5:59 PM  

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