Friday, October 15, 2004

Attack of the Lesbians

I've been trying to get this post up for three days, but life has gotten in the way.

You probably have heard by now that Lynne and Dick Cheney were unhappy about the fact that Kerry proclaimed during the last debate that he doubted that Mary Cheney considered her homosexuality a choice and instead affirmed that she is being who she was born to be. The conservative version of the story is here. As a result, Lynne has determined that Kerry is not a "good man." Translation: Kerry is a bad man. I can understand how she feels qualified to identify those. She has been married to one for years. But I think she is misplacing her wagging finger in this case. I love Elizabeth Edwards take on the hooplah (From Daily Kos):

ELIZABETH EDWARDS ON ABC RADIO: "She's overreacted to this and treated it as if it's shameful to have this discussion. I think that's a very sad state of affairs... I think that it indicates a certain degree of shame with respect to her daughter's sexual preferences... It makes me really sad that that's Lynne's response."

Biggie up to my friend Rosie's mom, Anita, who put me on to a related story. Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is under the delusional impression that lesbian girls are being mass-produced in rural high schools all over his state. He cites it as a by-product of the direction our country is taking without high-minded, true intellectual folks like himself on the job. Evidently without him, Oklahoma will have to change its name to Oklahomo.

Coburn says he's heard that school officials have even taken to sending girls one by one to the bathroom. The good news is that school officials have no clue what he is talking about, which is even better news for Oklahoma high school girls. Can you imagine how long those bathroom lines would be?

Coburn, Hustler Magazine just called. They want their bizarre high school lesbian fantasy back.


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