Monday, July 18, 2005

Learning from Republicans

If there is one thing Republicans do really well it is campaign. Here at is a link to Frank Luntz's (GOP uber-strategist) election campaign playbook. There are many good ideas here that I think Democrats and Independents can use in communicating with the public. It is an interesting read, and explains a lot. Thanks Frank!

In terms of how this applies to Rovegate, Buzzflash suggests when we write about this that we use the Republican concept of "frames." For example, link "Rove" and "treason" together as often as possible, which provides a frame for people to use as they think about what is going on.

The editorial also suggests that we not make this about Wilson vs. Bush, but the CIA vs. Bush since the CIA's George Tenet is who called for the special investigation now underway.

Finally, I would remind myself and others that ultimately this is not about Rove or Bush or even Wilson and Plame.

This story is about:

Keeping America Safe (This is hard to do when Rove may be guilty of treason--see how that works?)

Government Accountability (Washington should be held responsible for leading us to war under the unfounded pretense that there were WMDs and that Iraq was trying to buy yellowcake Uranium from Niger--see if you can find the Republican strategies I was using here in Luntz's playbook. )


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