Thursday, January 05, 2006

Oklahoma Pastor Props Policeman

From KOCO Channel 5 in Oklahoma City.

"...An executive committee member of the Southern Baptist Convention was arrested on a lewdness charge for propositioning a plainclothes policeman outside a hotel, police said.

Lonnie Latham, senior pastor at South Tulsa Baptist Church, was booked into Oklahoma County Jail Tuesday night on a misdemeanor charge of offering to engage in an act of lewdness, police Capt. Jeffrey Becker said..."

Human sexuality is like a river. If it is allowed to develop naturally it will stay within its banks. If it is blocked or dammed it will overflow its banks or create another path. The other path in cases like this one is innappropriate sexual behavior.

More from the article:

He has also spoken out against same-sex marriage and in support of a Southern Baptist Convention directive urging its 42,000 churches to befriend gays and lesbians and try to convince them that they can become heterosexual "if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior and reject their 'sinful, destructive lifestyle."

I wonder which part of his formula he failed to follow. A coach in my high school once said, "There are two things in life. One is the most overrated. One is the most underrated. The most overrated is sex. The most underrated is a good dump." I tend to agree on both counts. But people who never get the chance to experience sex that is normal for them in circumstances that match their values often end up turning sex into this overpowering monster that leads them to the kind of destructive behavior Latham pursued.

The sad thing is that Latham, like a lot of other people who are freaked out by their same-sex attractions, engage in innappropriate sex and then make the leap to believe that if that is all they can manange then ALL gay people must be doing the same things. Disrupting that fantasy would require Latham to form real friendships with gay folks and a big rethinking of his theology.

Latham likely will do one of two things--stick by his somewhat ridiculous claim that he was just at this well-known brothel/hotel "pastoring policemen" or more likely he will have a tearful confession ala Jimmy Swaggert/Jim Baker, and join an ex-gay ministry (he may be in one already) so he can be "restored" and keep driving that 2005 Mercedes. I predict the Southern Baptist Convention will make a public show of support for Latham's restoration and then later figure out a way to drop him like satan's pitchfork.


Blogger goodwitch said...

Reminds me of the ironic moment in Texas when we were voting on same-sex marriage recently. A perceived loophole had some people worried that all marriages (same sex and opposite sex marriages) would be banned.

An older male/female couple were outside the govenor's massion protesting...not wanting to lose their "officially married" status after all these years of love.

And I'm thinking...."don't you get it, people??? everyone deserves the right to be officially married to the person they love."

1:34 PM  
Blogger Troy said...

I wish they did get it g.w. The good news is there are more and more people, Republican and Democrat, who do. I have recently met quite a few Republicans who are for inclusive marriage rights. We hear from a reliable source that soccer moms from north Indy (very conservative) have been pouring into screenings of Brokeback Mountain. I have to believe that is a positive thing, since who would want their son to go through what those guys did? Our country has been divided for far too long. I'm ready for us to be purple again.

7:54 PM  

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