Saturday, January 14, 2006

Winter Buffet Critique

I finally got the Christmas stuff put away. I set a personal record this year for striking the set early. Usually I pray the tree will put itself away until mid-February, which is about when I remember that particular prayer has never gotten me anywhere and I take it down myself.

Of course, now we have to get through the design limbo that is January, February and March.

Different folks I know have been rolling around Nate Berkus's (Oprah's interior designer) notion that one should never use artificial florals in home interiors. It is a common design concept, but my opinion of it wavers. First of all, I tend to reject the word "never" in all but the most extreme cases. And while I would love to have nature everywhere, I don't really have the budget for a parade of natural arrangements during the cold months. In spring and summer we grow our own, flowers, I mean.

Nate and my friend Gayle say just to use twigs and stuff like that, but I wonder if these things might look a tad severe in a regular (translated: non-artsy) house like ours. Gayle's house defines the word eclectic, plus she and her husband William are both artists. They have art everywhere. Their home is funky-cool and seems to lend itself to twigginess.

Still, here is my attempt at going au naturale on the buffet. I picked up some limbs dropped by the Tulip Tree in our back yard, and to warm winter up a little (I tend to get a little down this time of year) I threw in some related objects that remind me of fun people.

Here is another view. If you have an opinion, put it out there. More stuff? Less stuff? Different stuff? Duane said I could come prune some things from his yard if I need more. I wonder if I don't need some height under the lamp--maybe more books? I have to admit, after all of the crowdedness of the holiday decorations, I'm kind of digging the sparseness.


Anonymous David said...

Love the way the birds are "stepped down" on the books...a nice look. Love the books and bowl of nuts to the side...only concern is the voluminous candle vase behind the branches...seem to getting hidden as if it is less important...seems like twigs should be a backdrop instead of in foreground...just a thought. I agree with you, what do we do during this time of year? Sumptious fabrics, some sparkle, lots of texture. I do appreciate sparseness as well, kind of mimics the outdoors. Remember the fire and ice theme at 407? Anyway, overall, really enjoy the look on the buffet. Whew!

7:54 AM  
Blogger juliebelle said...

i love the idea that the tulip tree dropped her branches. like she was rushing around, and they slipped from her arms.

i, too, like the sparseness. there's so much promise packed inside of it. plus, it makes you so happy when more vibrant signs of life start popping up on the scene.

i've also been wanting to do something twiggy, but i can't seem to find the inspiration to do so.

i also like the little birdies perched on the books.

5:32 AM  
Blogger Troy said...

Dave, you may be right about the candle/vase. I normally would put it in front, but I was going for a "sun seen the winter trees idea." But the truth is a rarely light that candle. I still have to come see "Fire and Ice."

10:43 AM  
Blogger Troy said...

Julie, Sometimes it seems that our Tulip Tree does nothing BUT drop branches. If you need any, I'll load you up the next time you visit. Seriously, I'm in a tree care class right now, and the teacher made a point of saying that Tulip Trees are self-pruning (he was being snide). But we love our tree so much. I'm ready for those see those tulipy blooms again right now!

10:47 AM  
Anonymous jennie said...

So are you going to tell the stories behind the objects that remind you of fun people?

I think the buffet looks nice. I'm always a fan of sparseness.

8:37 AM  

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