Thursday, April 27, 2006

AAM fun--Beth, Honee, Peggy, and Ray

Beth, Honee, Peggy, and Ray
Originally uploaded by Troy Smythe.
Beth Schneider (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston) and Honee dip the French bread in the butter barbeque shrimp sauce. By the time the shrimp made it to the table there was no sauce left, but we all enjoyed it while it lasted.

Peggy Burchenal (Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum of Art) in the striped shirt and her husband Dan hosted the event at their house. SHE'S the one who did the work of buying everyone's groceries and keeping the kitchen clean.

She also didn't get mad when I broke one of her nice serving platters from Sorento while washing it. Can I blame my clumsiness on the pounds of butter we used in these recipes? Probably not.

Ray Williams (Peabody-Essex Museum, Salem) is behind Peggy. He made this incredibly fresh and tangy potato salad. It had some of the taste of a German potato salad, but none of the heaviness. Very springy. I was fascinated by it.


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