Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wednesday Weigh Down-The Jim and Katy Show

Mom and dad are the biggest losers so far. Mom lost 4.5 pounds this week and dad lost 1.5! Considering that this was Easter week that is pretty impressive. I don't know how much they've lost total, but I think it is a lot.

The rest of us are either in denial or haven't made it to a scale lately (my excuse). Though I feel sure I haven't lost much. Dad, being the nurturing, supportive kind made sure to note when we talked last that he never sees my progress on the blog. Long story short, Dad: your biggest competition is cooking for you!

If this keeps up, we'll be paying mom or dad through the nose in about a month or two! Way to go you two!


Blogger juliebelle said...

4.5 pounds in a week?!!?
color me impressed.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous jennie said...

I'm very impressed as well. Not only did Ms. Katy lose 4.5 pounds in one week, but she also commented on my blog! Maybe you should switch to Wordpress, Troy - It's REALLY easy to convert all your Blogger posts over to Wordpress.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Christie said...

Well, actually we are in shame more than denial! And I can't even blame Cadbury Easter eggs. I will try to weight in next week providing I can lay off the cheese dip! Love ya!

7:38 PM  

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