Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday Weigh Down-The Jim and Katy Show Continues

Midweek is here and Dad lost 4 pounds and Mom lost 2, this after a weekend in Branson, MO where low-fat food is about as common as a Rhode Island tornado. I'll see them this weekend at our friend Jennie's wedding and I can't wait. I'm celebrating by eating the most wonderful linzer cookie while drinking my new favorite summer drink--iced melon white tea at Tea's Me. Dave will be irritated if I don't give him props for mentioning that he turned me on to Tea's Me. I work here a lot (free wireless) and Wayne and his wife Stacie are super fine people. Plus the tea is amazing. You'd think tea could only get so good, but, well, come on up to Indy and I'll take you there.

A message to mom and dad, people who read my blog, but don't comment have asked me to tell you that they are so proud of you and to keep up the good work.


Anonymous jennie said...

I love that it's turned into the Jim and Katy Show.

We're proud of you, TOO, Troy.

3:00 PM  

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