Saturday, October 21, 2006

Decorative Slump

I can't manage to get the house decorated for fall. Typically I repot all of the garden containers out front with mums, buy pumpkins and gourds for the buffet, new candles, put out my vintage halloween decorations and the set of 8 alabaster skulls that were once at the bottom of church crucifixes (symbolizing Golgotha I assume). But this year all I've managed to do is put a wreath on the door.

I know part of the problem has been that I've started a new job and gotten a little sick at the same time. All I want to do when I get home is slug around. There also were several weddings and our church Homecoming this past weekend. But I can't really use that as an excuse, because I made an emergency stop with Barb , who was one of the big implementers of the Homecoming, at her house the other night to fish a wayward contact out of the corner of my eye so I could see to drive home. Once my eyesight was back to normal I noticed that her house was spotless and beautifully decorated! When did she find the time?

I did loan out for awhile some of my best decorations to a photographer I used to work for who needed some props. I got them back, but can't manage to find a place for them.

Oddly enough what I have had energy for is designing a new house. We love our current house, which we also designed, and we don't plan to move for awhile, but I still have this house plan rolling around in my head. I'll post it when it gets to a more finished state.


Anonymous jennie said...

What new job? Congratulations???

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