Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Prayer for Two Dads: Update

Several of you have asked what happened with our friends who were facing a court hearing that would determine whether or not their adopted daughter, who they have had since her birth in February, would be taken away from them. Here is the original story.

The hearing was suspended at the last minute. I was kind of waiting for resolution before reporting, but the situation is not yet resolved. I spoke with the guys a few weeks ago and they said they were still fighting to keep their daughter who is now nine months old. All three still beam high wattage smiles when I see them and they are very happy even as they wade through some scary and uncertain times. I can't imagine what effect living with this level of uncertainty must have on day to day life, but they are models of perseverance and grace. I asked one of the dads how he deals with the suddenly interested biological father. He said he prays for him.

Well guys, I know several Growering Sense readers who are praying for you, too. Hang in there.


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