Friday, July 21, 2006

A Prayer for Two Dads

If you're the praying kind, would you mind sending one up for two friends of ours and their daughter? They are in court today working to stay together as a family. I'm not sharing names for privacy reasons.

Earlier this year they adopted a little girl from a young mother who asked them to. They were thrilled to do so and have loved and taken great care of this child from day one. The biological mom is a good woman who just wasn't able to care for her. She knew these guys would. The biological father (the mom's boyfriend) kicked her out of his apartment when he found out she was pregnant. His mother decided he needed to raise the little girl, but neither he nor she has EVER made an effort to see her in the nearly six months the little girl has been alive. Neither the grandmother nor the bio-dad have stable lives.

The two dads have a loving and long-committed home life, have made good financial decisions, have a strong connection to their church, and a loving extended family and network of friends.

In Indiana, a biological parent has 30 days to interupt an adoption, and the dad reappeared during that first month at his mother's urging. Indiana laws also tend to favor blood relationships. Let's hope what is in the best interest of the child enters the picture. I don't pretend not to be biased. I know the two dads and the little girl. They are about as happy and healthy a family as I've ever seen. I'm praying that they are able to stay together.


Anonymous jennie said...

Please keep us posted, Troy.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Rachel Metheny said...

I heard things went well today! Thanks God! Miss everyone terribly!

2:15 PM  

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