Thursday, February 09, 2006

Great Grandad McLester

The little boy on the left holding puppies is my great-grandad Oran McLester, from about 1888 if I had to guess. I don't know who the other boy is.

Here he is again as a teenager playing cards with some friends. He's the one on the far left. Notice the cash on the ground. Playing cards was usually considered suspicious activity. Playing for money was just asking for trouble. Great-grandad looks like he had a lot of fun, but mom says he was very serious and always busy. They had land and he worked it all the time. Though he was smart enough to take time out to marry my great-grandmother Cora. You can see both of them all grown up HERE.


Anonymous kara said...

I've always liked that picture! I think (but I'm not positive) the other boy is his brother, Ray.

10:41 AM  

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