Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jennie's Big Day and Batesville Folks

Jennie and J take off
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Here are some pictures from Jennie and J's wedding. Stacey and Dave kindly offered to let me steal some of theirs since I was sans camera. This is Jennie and J. taking off after the reception looking like they've been hired for an Estee Lauder perfume commercial. I told Jennnie how pretty her wedding portrait was (they had it at the church). She said, "Even with the glasses? They told me I could take them off, but they're me." I agree. And good for you that you weren't trying to be someone you are not on one of the most important days of your life. I think they're perfect--they scream glamorous accountant.

Jennie, Charley and Zach
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This is Jennie with her nephews Charley and Zach, Chuck (Jennie's brother) and Stacy's kids. I love everything about this picture, especially Charley's Popeye wink. Very cute. They were ring bearers in the wedding. My opinion about young children in weddings is: If you have kids in your wedding, don't expect them to actually accomplish the tasks they are given. Just send 'em on down the aisle and enjoy the show. Charley and Zach, however, took just enough time off from their job as rowdy boys to march right down and deliver those rings to the people who needed them. Always there at crunch time, just like their dad. Impressive. It is strange for me to think that Chuck was about Charley's age, maybe a little older, when we became friends.

Here are some of the Batesville "kids" I'm always writing about. Actually we are all between the ages of 29 and 40, but we still enjoy a suspended adolescence.

Batesville Friends
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Back row, left to right: Dave McClain, Julie McClain, Chuck McClain (brothers and sisters of the bride), Georgette Sims, Felley Nall-Lawson, and Ashley Nall-Stuckey; Middle row: Sherry Sproles and Jennifer Redmond; Front row: Robert Sproles, me, Mandy Jones-Pascoe (Adam's sister), and Lori McClain (sister of the bride)

When I look at this picture about all I see is a big bunch of love. The growing up and college years we spent together set our friendship bars pretty high. I'm never around these people without being reminded that I'm cared for no matter what. We have been known to be a little clannish when the situation calls for it. Not one of our lives has always been easy. And while we are pretty self-sufficient in a jam, we know where to go when things get too tough. When we do see each other, the fun, at least for us, does not stop. As crazy as I am about the Ozarks, it is my family and these people that will always be my true home.

I wish Jennie could have been in the picture. I think she'll be sad she wasn't, but when I saw her running out of the church in a cloud of bubbles she seemed very happy.


Blogger Stacy said...

Beautifully said, Troy Smythe. Truly, it is seeing you all together that makes me fall in love with this itty-bitty town. I watch Charlie and Zach play with their pre-school friends as I have a cup of coffee with their mommies, my own friends...and because of you all, I KNOW, deep in my soul, that they will be the best of friends, graduate with each other, and be at (or in) each other's weddings. At the same time, I see my own new friends and think of your parents and know that in the next 25 years, we will laugh together and cry together as we go through this joyful yet heartwrenching thing called life. Thank you for your insight.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

wonderful words...and stacy is right. I still have the same friend (bestest in the whole word) that i had in the 9th grade...and then I have a friend,whom i meant in kindergarten and we were friends up until 21... who I truly believe in my heart, if effort was put forth on both our parts we'd start up right where we left off.
there is nothing like batesvillian people.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Troy said...

So glad you guys are in Batesville Stacy. You and Chuck gets props for "restocking the pond."

Crystal, I think one of the qualities I admire most about my home friends is what you said about being able to pick up with your kindergarten friend whereever you left off at 21. No matter how long it's been, B-ville people act like they just saw you yesterday

5:20 PM  

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