Monday, June 26, 2006

Very Sweet

Did everybody know about this but me? From the U.K.

Heath Ledger has asked 'Brokeback Mountain' co-star Jake Gyllenhaal to be his baby's godfather.

The actors got so close while shooting the gay cowboy drama, Heath decided he wanted Jake to be involved in his daughter's life.

The 'Donnie Darko' star admits he was thrilled to be asked to help raise little Matilda, Heath's daughter with partner Michelle Williams.

Jake told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Heath and I are best friends now, making the film was very intense for us.
"I'm actually godfather to Heath's daughter Matilda which is an amazing honour."

I think Jake would be a great goddad and even a great dad. He needs to settle down and find the right somebody first, but his kids won't go hungry. Jake loves to cook. In his spare time chef-superstar, Mario Batali lets him do prep work in his restaurants. Jake says it chills him out.


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