Sunday, July 09, 2006

Eric and Chris in Tajikistan

Eric Eating Kabobs
Originally uploaded by Troy Smythe.
Our friends Eric and Chris are visiting Tajikistan. Click here to visit their travel journal. While you are there, drop them a note and tell them Troy sent you.

Chris will be there for six months working. Eric got to go over for a month, but will come back to start teaching at his new high school this fall. They are in for a long five months once Eric has to return.

But for now it sounds like they are having a great time. Eric is especially happy because he's had great luck finding pants that fit him over there (his journal entry on his smaller pant size travails in the U.S. is very funny). Eric may be kind of small in this country, but in Tajikistan he is average size and they hem pants right on the street while you wait!

I love this picture of Chris putting himself into an exhibit at a museum. Chris and Eric are both funny people, but Chris tends to look pretty serious no matter what the situation is, which made me think at first that he was just underdressed for a party he was attending.

Broadway Church is missing you guys!


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