Friday, August 05, 2005

Baby Name Wizard

John and I are deciding on baby names and our friend Lara (a creative techie as well as a parent) pointed us to this REALLY fun part of the Baby Name Wizard blog called Name Voyager. It's a speedy interactive that shows the frequency of all of the baby names in America over the past 100 years. Kind of fun to find your own name and an elegant use of graphics. The Baby Name Wizard blog itself is interesting. It looks at trends and impulses in America's naming habits. Thanks Lara!


Anonymous Kris Wetterlund said...

Well, I used the baby name wizard, and discovered that my name, Kris, is used more often for boys. Also, the name we have all agreed on for your baby - Thermos, which is a combination of Shamus (John's choice) and Thor (Troy's choice) does not appear in the baby name wizard at all, proving that you are the most creative, original parents ever.

7:03 AM  
Blogger Troy said...

Isn't that Baby Name Wizard kewl?

Is your full name Kris? Not Kristen or Krispy?

We are actually leaning toward Leo now. It is a name we both agree on, however Shamus may still be his first name. You can still call him Thermos, though.

7:53 AM  

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