Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Connecticut Suing the Federal Government

Connecticut is suing the Federal Government for mandating that the state comply with the No Child Left Behind act (or suffer the consequences) without giving them the funds necessary to see NCLB through. The funds are promised in the law, but somehow did not show up in the national budget.

Underfunding has been one of the big problems with NCLB, but not its only problem. You may remember the conflict of interest issues associated with the "'selling" of it to America. A columnist was being secretly paid by the White House to promote the law to black families through media outlets. But that is another story (here).

Connecticut is the first state to sue over NCLB, but not the first organization. That honor goes to the National Educators Association (NEA).

This could get interesting. Thanks to Rawstory and Newsday for the heads up.


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