Tuesday, August 16, 2005


John planted a bunch of sunflowers for me this year in our cutting garden. They are the happiest darn flowers I've ever seen, and very photogenic. I don't let a day pass without going to visit them, and I hope never to have another summer without them.

Red and velvety. Bees and birds LOVE these things. They get so pumped about being on the flowers that they couldn't care less if I exist.

Red Sunflower
Originally uploaded by Troy Smythe.

Sunflowers are like people--very tall people.

Up High
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"Teddy Bear" is short though. Teddy Bear is the actual name of the variety, not one I just made up to be cute.

Teddy Bear
Originally uploaded by Troy Smythe.

Sweet. Don't know this one's name.

Originally uploaded by Troy Smythe.

Sunflowers make great cut flowers, too. Pretty, but not too precious--very homey.

Originally uploaded by Troy Smythe.


Blogger sirrom said...

Troy, Love your flowers. I've never had any luck with sunflowers - odd, because I've heard they grow with almost total neglect. Planted two gardenias for Miss Pat. Both died. Probably lack of water, but one of my water bills hit $180.00 and I decided to curtail the watering. Will take your Starbucks suggestion under advisement. If they like the idea, I'll split the $$ with you.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Troy said...

I'll be watching for the royalty check. You are right about the grow with almost total neglect part, that is one gardening skill we have down. We watered them some, but not much. John built a raised bed for the cutting garden though and it has good, soft soil, which helps I think. We did fertilize a little.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the sunflower photos. Can I use one of them for my wallpaper? Why not take one of your photos and have it enlarged at an image center for the new room.

9:12 AM  

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