Monday, February 13, 2006

Stop The Federal So-Called "Marriage Protection Amendment"

Senator Bill Frist and his crew are pretty sneaky. They changed the name of their failed Federal Marriage Amendment to the "Marriage Protection Amendment." Ironically, the amendment does nothing to protect marriage. In fact, it is designed to remove any hope for protecting MY marriage and family into the constitution. But the name will be handy when talking with the less informed. Who wouldn't want to protect marriage?

Why should you care? Well, if this version of the Federal Marriage Amendment passes any protections states have granted to families like mine will be removed completely. No Civil Unions, no end of life decision-making rights, no legal way to protect our kids if one partner passes away-not anywhere. Nothing that even looks like marriage for us will be available anywhere in the U.S.

Frist will move for a vote on June 5, 2006.

What can you do? The Human Rights Campaign has an easy way to send word to your senators that you do not support amending the United States Constitution to put families of your friends at even GREATER risk.

Click HERE.


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