Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Adam Carolla Helps Ann Coulter Jump the Shark

I thought it might have happened when the right-wing racial profiling advocate was INVITED (!?) to speak at Philander Smith College, a historically African-American school in Little Rock. Her quote of the evening was:

"We need somebody to put rat poisoning in [Supreme Court] Justice Stevens' creme brulee," Coulter said. "That's just a joke, for you in the media."


Then I wondered if it would be when the cleft of her cloven hoof lifted the cigarette out of her mouth long enough for her to start spewing insults at the 9/11 widows.


No, it took perpetual frat boy and radio talk show host Adam Carolla, to show just how irrelevant Ann Coulter is. She dialed in an hour and a half late for her interview with him and then made some comment about being short on time. He hung up on her.

Crooks and Liars has the audio HERE.

Here is a transcript:

ADAM CAROLLA: Ann Coulter, who was suppose to be on the show about an hour and a half ago, is now on the phone, as well. Ann?


CAROLLA: Hi Ann. You’re late, babydoll.

COULTER: Uh, somebody gave me the wrong number.

CAROLLA: Mmm… how did you get the right number? Just dialed randomly — eventually got to our show? (Laughter in background)

COULTER: Um, no. My publicist e-mailed it to me, I guess, after checking with you.

CAROLLA: Ahh, I see.

COULTER: But I am really tight on time right now because I already had a —

CAROLLA: Alright, well, get lost. [Click]

Gee Fonzie, that wasn't so hard.


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