Friday, December 22, 2006

New Home-Kissing Blogger Goodbye

Blogger has been giving me way too many problems lately so GrowingSense is moving to Wordpress. From now on you can find me at or just click HERE.

Please be patient as I figure things out over there. I already have my first post up though if you want to pop over.

BTW, if you blog at Blogger, do not "upgrade" to New (Beta)Blogger if you think you ever might want to switch to Wordpress. For some reason you cannot import archives if you switched to New Blogger. For this reason, I'll keep my archives here at Blogger.

See Ya, Blogger. See ya later GrowingSense readers!


Blogger Crystal said...

i've already upgraded to the new blogger...and i can't tell a difference...thanks for the warning. i am sure i will follow the crowd, since it's getting lonely over at blogger land.
happy new year!

8:21 AM  

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