Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lovin' on Lincoln

Went to Arkansas this past weekend for my friend Jennie's fabulous Lincoln's Birthday Party. Saw scads of old friends and even won the award for driving the furthest. The prize was a pack of stars and stripes Kleenex Snifs, which came in handy when our friend Ashley read a very sad Civil War story called Pink and Say. BTW, Jennie if you read this, I accidently left my Snifs at Lori's! There were other stories available on the record player.

In this group photo you can see the table full of Lincolnalia. On the back wall is a drawing Jennie's fiance' J made for the occassion. It is drawn on a chalkboard with a gilded frame (love this idea). I'm holding Jake, Carey and David's very cute new baby. David is Jennie's brother (to the right of me in the pic; Carey is to the left). Carey, by the way, is quite the karaoke queen. And she loves the harmonica, so much so that someone gave her a hand's free harmonica holder that fits over her head so she can safely belt out the tunes as she drives.

Carey and Jennie say they will come up to Indy for Fry-day, the all-fried holiday, at the end of May and karaoke for us (what does it say about me that Jennie celebrates a historical figure and I celebrate fried food?). Maybe they will bring my Snifs. Oh, and drawings of Lincoln by Carey's former students plastered the walls at the party, a nice touch.

My friend Lori agreed to pose with me in the Mr. and Ms. Lincoln cut out. Lori is Jennie's sister, and the party was at her house. It is beautiful. Lori shares my obsession with fabric and paint. I hadn't seen her house since she got it many years ago. She's been busy! The bathroom was so nice she and I had ate our cake there while we talked.

The party was well worth the trip. I liked it as much for what is wasn't (over-hyped) as much as for what it was (sincere). It always annoys me that the February President and MLK holidays have turned mostly into ops for stores to run sales. Lincoln rocked and should be celebrated. Jennie's passion for him is fun and inspired--just like her.


Anonymous Sally said...

Sounds like a fun, cool party. I am so in for Fry Day, although, I really thought that was why we have the State Fair.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous jennie said...

Awww, I'm glowing. :)
Again, thank you SO much for making the trip. It means the world to me. My only regret is that I didn't get to talk to you more. I will DEFINITELY be attending Fry Day. The best idea for a party I've ever heard!!!

11:32 AM  
Anonymous David said...

I quivering at the thought of having to come up with an ensemble for Fryday. Perhaps something in golden crisp hues?

1:42 PM  
Blogger Troy said...

Dave, I'm sure you will rise to the occassion. Perhaps an ensemble made from oil-based products-polyester, plastic? Though I would go for the color connection myself, or maybe something shiny?

2:16 PM  

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