Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday Weigh Down

(Sorry the post is so late. Blogger was down this a.m.)

Lost 6.2 pounds this week. Jennie said that happens all of the time on The Biggest Loser. Someone will lose nothing one week and then a lot the next week. I only watched that show once. It was when the already sad and pretty washed up Jeff Conaway (he starred on TV inTaxi and in the movie Grease) started getting stoned on the show! It was like he woke up around week 2 and said, “This is all my agent could get me? A gig where I have to lose my gut? Man, my career’s really in the toilet!” While I was happy to see a very determined Chastity Bono on the show, the Conaway business was a little too much reality for me... Excuse me while I call my therapist.

Tina, my therapist (not her real name): Hello?

Me: Hi Tina. It's me. I watched Jeff Conaway crash and burn on The Biggest Loser a few weeks ago. He's fat, lacks all self-control, and frankly his career could use a little comeback mojo. I've got the fat and no self-control things going for me. Should I be worried about sabotaging my career?

Tina: You have a career? Just kidding. No Troy. You're doing that thing where you over identify with pathetic underdogs. Remember the Clinton years?

Me: Oh. But can Clinton really be lumped in with that particular neurosis? I mean, could one really call him a true underdog? His approval rating during his darkest hours only dipped to 43% (in 1993 at the beginning of his administartion--during the Lewensky debacle it hovered at 68%).

Tina: Yeah, but you had that "vast right wing conspiracy" telling you how pitiful he was.

Me: Oh. So I'm not the next Jeff Conaway?

Tina: No, you're the next Chastity Bono.

Me: (pause) Does that mean my mom will have some ribs removed and start making infomercials?

Tina: This phone call is costing you 80.00 an hour.

Me: G'bye.

Okay, I’m back. The woman who weighed me on Saturday (I really like her. She is always so nice) said that our bodies all have their own patterns of behavior so we lose in ways that we can start to recognize and work with. That made sense to me.

I think I’ll start watching for my body’s pattern. I suspect it looks like a very cool Spirograph drawing. In the short time that I’ve been thinking about my pattern (the last five minutes), I’ve become aware that I can get in too big of a hurry to get the weight off. I start putting too much emphasis on one week and on weight as opposed to health.

So I’ve decided to look at my weight loss in 3-week increments rather than single weeks. And there’s no way I’m going to count those %*&$# Weight Watcher points every week. But I really find them useful in helping me track just how much food I put in my body (I don’t have that auto shut off switch that says I’m full), so I’m going to try counting every other week to keep in practice and aware of that kind of thing. I have to find some system or skills I can live with all my life.

Does anyone else believe this pattern business?


Blogger Troy said...

From mom and dad (I really have to teach them how to post comments!)

"Good Morning!!! (My mom says it just like that, too)
We did better this week. Dad lost 4.5 lbs and myself 4. We were pretty pleased. I know I won’t lose that much next week, but maybe half of that.
Hope you both have a really good day today.
We are still doing our 1 mile workout each morning. I hope in 2 weeks we will be ready to proceed to the 2 mile workout."

9:24 AM  
Blogger Troy said...

From my sister and brother-in-law:

"Yyyeeeeaaahhh! (edt.--Am I the only person in my family who is not this enthusastic in the a.m.?) That's great! You'll be up to marathons soon! Kev lost 3.2 lbs and I lost 1/2 lb. I'm amazed I lost even that! Kevin has been really discplined. I made choc chip cookies last night and he didn't eat even one!!! (I ate pretty much the whole bowl of dough!)

9:26 AM  
Anonymous jennie said...

Still feeling guilty I didn't make it over to their house... :(

You watched the wrong season of Biggest Loser - I didn't like the celebrity version, either. I promise you would have liked the regular seasons and you wouldn't have had to call Tina!!

Congrats on your weight loss - Very cool.

I know this is going to be mean since you're trying to eat better and all, but would you mind sharing your Mexican chicken casserole recipe with me? I've been dying to try it - It's not something Mom made a lot growing up.

11:21 AM  

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