Friday, February 24, 2006

Dolly Gets Hate Mail?!

According to Contact Music, Dolly Parton gets hate mail because she has a large gay following. She is probably coming under attack because she wrote and performed Travelin Thru, an Oscar nominated song for TransAmerica, a movie about a pre-operative transgendered woman starring Felicity Huffman.

"The 9 TO 5 singer hopes the movie and her song can foster understanding and tolerance between people from different walks of life.

Parton explains, 'Some people are blind or ignorant, and you can't be that prejudiced and hateful and go through this world and still be happy.

'One thing about this movie is that I think art can change minds. It's all right to be who you are.'"

Dolly is living proof that the Love of God is best delivered through a big heart, an open mind, and a lot of courage. I've said it before, but I'll say it again--I love that woman.

Oh, the photo is from Flickr and was taken by Prawnpie.


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