Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Arizona First State to Vote Down Gay Marriage Ban

And it's a red state! Good for the Southwest.

Predictable bigotry prevailed in Tennessee, Virginia, Idaho, and some other places where we wouldn't care to live anyway.

Dissappointments are in Wisconsin, who should have known better, and Haggard Land, Colorado. Colorado voted for a ban on gay marriage and against a proposition that would give families like ours at least some protection. So you can strike that state right off our list of places we'll move. Besides, John's brother Ben and his wife Lise are moving back to Indiana.

Here is Pam's play by play.


Blogger Laura said...

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Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for the props on my page. I was definitely disappointed with that ridiculous ammendment passing in Wisconsin, in fact, I wrote one half of a point-counterpoint for the Journal-Sentinel about it a few weeks ago. I was surprised though about how left everything went and then those too conservative referenda passed.

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