Saturday, November 18, 2006

Chris's Vagina Monologue

If you haven't popped over to Chris in Tajikistan you should. This is from his recent entry about his visit to an Uzbek village:

Some of us have this bad habit of saying.. uhm.. It’s fun in school because when you get bored you can count how many times the teachers says.. uhm.. or your friends say uhm in a presentation. Well, it’s not a habit that translates well into Uzbek because the word for vagina in Uzbek is pronounced “ahm” or “uhm.” I bet you can only imagine the trouble I get into when I’m trying to speak. So sometimes I say things like “ Today I… uhm… went to…. uhm… the store. ” which in Uzbek translates into “ Today I… vagina… went to…. vagina… the store..."

Way to represent, Chris. Lately I've been giving people rap names. I think I'm gonna start calling Chris "Uhm Daddy." Chris comes back to Indy in December. Send him a little love to let him know we're looking forward to seeing him and that we won't hold his potty mouth against him.

(Chris and friends right before he clears the room.)


Blogger goodwitch said...

I'm laughing so hard....uhmm....I'm crying!

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Marcie said...

That is hilarious!! I love it!!

And, by the way, Erich already has a rap star name ...a simple "Big Daddy". :)

Hope all is well and you and Jon have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

11:18 AM  

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