Friday, November 10, 2006

Taboo Birthday Weekend

John and I are off to visit Julie (Gunstream Girl) and Taboo in Cleveland this weekend. It’s Taboo’s birthday! Jennie (Trim and Fashionable) and J. will be there, too, so we are doubly excited. Julie said that she and Jennie are making a mad scientist cake for Tommy (he’s a science teacher). I hate that I won’t have a camera to take with me.

This will be the first time John and I have met Bob Barker, Julie and Taboo’s dog. Julie even invited us to bring Claire. It will be our first road trip with her. I’m not really nervous about it. She loves to ride in the car. She would drive if we let her. Claire definitely holds to the “move your meat, lose your seat” philosophy and hops into the driver’s seat as soon as it is vacant. I’d love to believe this is just because she wants to be as close to us and our scent as possible, but I’m pretty sure it is because she thinks she could handle the car better (in my case, that is probably true).

I’m very excited to see what Julie has done to their house. Last time I was there she told me about her wall painting plans and they sounded very exciting. I would describe Julie’s style as “world funk,” which is appropriate given that she works for Heifer, International.


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